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I wanted to blog about Institute.  I really did.
But you know what they say about the best laid plans. Or what they say about Institute being a total timesuck of every last second in your day. You know, whatever.
I’m here now though, on the other side of Institute, and since I’m in a lovely Tempe hotel waiting to leave Phoenix, I finally have time to reflect on my experience…and practice using TFAspeak in everyday life.
Frankly, Institute was incredible. The Cleveland corps is amazing and full of inspiring people who I am so proud to call my brothers and sisters in the movement to improve Cleveland education. But I didn’t realize how many amazing people from other corps I would meet when I got to Phoenix and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with so many other corps members from outside my region – especially since…

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Jun 01 2012

Meeting students

Okay, so this is way early because obviously I haven’t met my students yet. But today, I did get to interact with students and then actually meet one student who will be in my classroom next fall. I guess all I really have to say about it is that it’s one thing to think about…

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Jun 01 2012

Feeling it

I feel awkward when people at Induction ask me where I’m from, like they expect me to commiserate with a story about my long trip and the frustration and agony of trying to fit all of your belongings into two suitcases so I could move them across the country. Unfortunately, I have no such sob…

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